Health & Safety

Health & Safety

JPM recognises your right and wishes to have your own chosen lifestyle within your home. However, there has to be a balance between the safety of your Care/Support Worker and your wishes concerning the safety of your home and your right to take calculated risks.

The Company will however carry out a risk assessment of all functions and practices in your home, identify whether or not a hazard or potential hazard exists and rate the impact of the hazard as low, medium or high risk. To this end our Care/Support Workers receive initial training, which will cover likely hazards, Moving & Handling techniques and administration of medicine. Typical checks that will be carried out are shown in the full Policy & Procedure Manual.

It may well be that, if we are concerned about a particular hazard it will have to be discussed with you or a relative and every possibility explored to correct the problem. Any accidents or incidents are reported by your Care/Support Workers to the Supervisor/Senior Carer and Associate Director of Care. Your care/support worker will complete two accident/incident reports. One of these will be left in your file and the other returned to JPM’s offices.

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